Save time

Washing a car only takes 3 minutes, saving more than 30% time than traditional car wash.

Save water

No need pre-washing, saving about 30% water than traditional car wash.

Save Electricity

Save about 30% electricity than traditional foam car wash.

Save Labor cost

Only need one worker to wash the car, saving labor cost.


Let your car wash is more simple, more professional, more quality


Vatican clean no scratches car wash crystal (about 0.5 yuan / per car)


Remove a pre-wash water consumption per car is about: 50-70 liters. (0.3 yuan / each)

Artificial cost

Single washing, washing workshop omitted one artificial, three people can be a group (per month / 7500 yuan)


Spray machine 40w, high pressure cleaner 2.2-3kw Vatican Ruijie every wash about a car for 3-4 minutes (0.4 yuan / each)

100 Cars

Water: 0.3x100 = 30 yuan; electricity: 0.4x100 = 40 yuan; artificial: 7500 ÷ 30 = 250 yuan Car wash products: 0.5x100 = 50 yuan; car wash costs about 370 yuan per day.


The first step: spray car wash crystal


After the car stops, quick spray with non-scratches car wash crystal, in turn from the bottom of the front cover to top in order to spray the entire car body. The whole spray process is completed in about 30 seconds.

The second step: high pressure washing


Flush the car with the order of spraying car wash crystal from bottom to top, keeping the distance of 20-30cm between the water gun and the car paint surface, varied as the water pressure and size. Pay attention to the flushing of the car body gap, rearview mirror, the fender and so on.

The third step: dry the outside of the car


After the car enters the cleaning station, quickly dry water with a large towel, then use a small towel to dry the body gap and some easy waterlogged places.

Do you have the troubles with truck & big vehicle car wash? Difficult to wipe it, now OPS touchless car wash products can help you washing without wiping.
Simple step, easy operation and can be used in all the car wash methods.
Here is the touchless foam wash.
OPS car wash powder is with wax, and can remove the Dirt , Road grime & mud,Stuck-on insects, bird droppings and keep paint safe. It will be shiny after rinsing.
OPS car wash powder can be applied in touchless foam washing by using high pressure foamer/air compressor foamer, touchless liquid washing by using liquid sprayer, automatic washing system and hand wash.

Touchless car wash is a trend, are you ready?

OPS Touchless Foam Car Wash

[dt_dj_video cover=”310″ videolink=”http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMjkzNzgxOTY5Ng==/v.swf” src=”http://player.youku.com/embed/XMjkzNzgxOTY5Ng==” width=”510″ height=”498″ frameborder=”0″]

OPS Touchless Car Wash with Foam Sprayer

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OPS Touchless Car Wash with Liquid Sprayer Easy Rinsing

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