Negative Ion Infrared Purifying Balls

Product nameNegative ion infrared purifying balls

Net weight2500g / box(250g*10 bag)

(Suggestion: 1 box – 2 boxes for 50-70 cm3 space, 2 boxes – 3 boxes for 80-120 cm3 space, 3 boxes for more than 120cm3 space. Please add using quantity if it is seriously polluted)

AccessoriesSelf-check formaldehyde solution

Advantage2500g negative ion infrared purifying balls equals to 50 bonsai.

Ingredientstourmaline, obsidian, hexacyclic stone, diatomite, attapulgite, sepiolite, igneous rock etc.


Description: A kind of natural health care level negative ion purifying small balls. The balls have the function of releasing far infrared. The rate of expelling formaldehyde is above 90%. These balls can release 2000pcs/cm³ – 3000pcs/cm³ natural negative ions continuously.  They preferentially adsorb nano oxophile gas compounds (most hazardous gas’s characteristics) and effectively expel formaldehyde, toxic benzene, toxic amine compounds, toxic sulfur dioxide, TVOC etc. Meanwhile, they release plenty of natural negative ions and far infrared, enhance immunity and regulate body function.

Function: Purifying formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances in the air. Expelling odor. Enhancing human immunity.

Usage: Take out our products from boxes, then put them in the places that need to purify air.

Application: All the private spaces ( For example, cars, bedrooms, cabinets, offices and other confined spaces).

Notice: Please keep our products in dry places. Don’t soak in water while using them. They can be recovered the functions by sun exposure 1 hour or microwave oven high temperature dry 2 minutes every 12 months under the condition of correct use.

Shelf life:  36 months.