The 24th CIAACE 2017 (Beijing) has successfully ended, OPS touchless car wash powder was highly welcomed by all the car wash shops and car wash products suppliers in the exhibition. With OPS touchless car wash powder, it only needs one person, 3 minutes to wash a car, so it greatly improve the efficiency of car washing, and also effectively avoid the scratches during car washing process. Enriched with water wax ingredients, it can also brighten the car paint a lot , and at the same time protect the paint.

What is Touchless Car Wash? Please refer to: Touchless Car Washes.

The booth is completely arranged

The booth is crowded with people to know about OPS touchless car wash powder

The booth is crowded with people to know about touchless car wash powder

OPS touchless car wash powder sales group

With OPS car wash powder, it only takes 3 steps to wash a car, with only one spraying and rinsing is ok. With more cars washed, winning more money!

OPS car wash powder is enriched with water wax, it can not only wash the car, but also glaze the car. After washing, the car will be more shinny.

The company is strong in scientific research, with independent intellectual property rights, masters the core production technology “washing car crystal” and has got national patent. Company is with advanced production technology, reliable quality, scientific management.

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