With car wash crystal car wash: if I wash the car a day on average 50 units, with 80 sets of washing after crystal can wash!

With car wash crystal car fast: a person only 3 minutes to wash a car, wash Turner is a top two!

With car wash crystal car wash good: car wash more and more beautiful, wash the car glazing synchronization is complete, pure water flow flush no scratches!

With car wash crystal car wash province: save water, energy saving, provincial artificial… , the comprehensive reduce the comprehensive cost of the car!

Example: on 20 yuan 1 parcel, 40 car washes, on average every car costs only need five hair moneys, wipe with car wash crystal from washing the car than a conventional car wash 1 day can increase 30% of the amount of washing the car, every as long as more than 2 car washing can earn back the cost of the car wash crystal, crystal car wash is a can let a carwash worry and money, more can increase the benefits of good product.