YUQILIN High Pressure Car Washer

This is YQL1112M high pressure washer for Touchless Car wash & truck wash.

This machine is equipped with universal joints,quick-change connector, and long spray gun. All these make this model a powerful high ptessure washer that can easily wash somewhere corner hard-to-wash to wash. However,as for the large power,users should be more careful and can’t spay the water on people,animals or something else.


This high pressure washer is mainly used in:

1. Cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, ship.

2. Epidemicprevention,disinfection and cleaning of livestock farm.

3, Cleaning of swimming pool, hotel, hotel kitchens, market.

4, Do great help to the cleaning of exterior walls, doors, windows, floors, toilet, and somewhere corner hard-to-wash to wash.